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Jul. 31st, 2007


Creating a Subversion Server

After many days trying to find a good tutorial on how to set up a working subversion server I decided to write my own that I know works. I followed these steps again on a new install on another server to make sure I was not missing anything so this should be a pretty complete walk through.

Hope this helps & Enjoy :)

- Peter Schmalfeldt

Jul. 28th, 2007


It took 15 months but...

With the help of Karen Hood from the IRS, Gigoit is finally 501c3 tax exempt! For others attempting the process, don't bother with a high priced lawyer like we did. What no one tells you is that if you mess up your application, the IRS will go to great lengths to help you get it right. After we got our initial response from the IRS we spent the next 3 months basically rewriting our 1023 application as well as the many supportive documents that were requested. Ms. Hood helped us with each revision, too many to remember.

- John

Jul. 26th, 2007


Cookie Issues

We are having an odd issue that only seems to effect FireFox and only on our live site.  Our development site doesn't experience this bug.  I'm pulling my hair out because the code is line for line the same.

Users logging in have the option of checking a "remember me" checkbox.  This does some super secret stuff on the server and the server sends the user a login token cookie that can be used to automatically log them in the next time they come to the site.  The cookie only works one time, to prevent malicious use by those who might copy it and use it on a different machine.  Once the cookie is used our database flags it as no longer valid.  The trouble is...it seems like FireFox is sending the same cookie more than once causing a bit of a bug.

Right now I've set the code to just fail silently.  For Internet Explorer and Safari everything should work fine.  FireFox users will just see the login box.  Not the end of the world but an inconvenience I'd like to take care of quickly.

- John

Jul. 25th, 2007


Back up and running

We are back up and running with support for Canada and the UK.  Any feedback from our neighbors up north or across the pond would be greatly appreciated.

We removed HumanAuth because of the feedback we received.  Some users were having difficulty with the system so we swapped it in favor of a different approach.  Hopefully it will be just as effective at preventing spam.

There are still some tweaks to be made but all in all the site seems to be running fine.

- John

International Support

I'm taking a short break to post. Peter and I are hard at work adding international support. Our goal is to have Gigoit working in Canada and the UK by tomorrow morning. The sites been down for a couple of days because we ran into a few unexpected snags.

We maintain two versions of the site at all times. The live site, which is what everyone uses, and our
own development site for testing new features.

After upgrading to a newer version of PHP5 we found out that tons of stuff broke. Unexpectedly, this newer version of PHP5 handles including files differently. Much of the code had to be looked at and changed, mostly a manual process. We also had recompiled PHP with different options which took our previous caching system down. (it keeps our server from become overloaded)

So, we were faced with a problem. We could spend the time to fix the errors on the live site or we could continue working on the development site and deliver the updates and new features at the same time. The former would have brought the site back up quicker, but the later saved us a ton of time since we didn't have to do the work twice.

Things are going well and the underlying structural changes will allow us to more easily support additional countries in the future.

Now if we could only find a database of postal codes for other countries...

- John

Jun. 19th, 2006


Freecycle Alternative :: GigoIt!


I am writing to invite you to be a tester for our Freecycle Alternative, Non-Profit Company. We are currently looking for ALPHA and BETA testers for our new website. Here is everything you should need to know to see if you might be interested.

Thanks again!


Individuals and organizations are regularly faced with the problem of deciding what to do with items that still may be useful but that they no longer want. They can also find themselves suddenly in need of an item without being financially capable of purchasing it. GigoIt, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in Saint Louis, Missouri. We are currently developing a free public web space for individuals and corporations to donate and receive unwanted items within their neighborhoods. This keeps useful products out of landfills and fosters community involvement.


* A single account to use nationwide. Access GigoIt services wherever you are.

* Results tailored to the proximity of a zip code that you specify.

* Communication filtering. Users may control the medium and frequency of messages.

* Search by category, date range, item status, photo inclusion and much more.

* Individual or Organization accounts. GigoIt is tailored to be convenient to all parties.

* No Moderators. The site is maintained organically by its users.

* GigoIt Rating System. To promote user trust and responsibility.

* Local Service portal. If GigoIt isn’t your donating solution, we’ll help you find what is.

Users are our focus. Research, focus groups, and our own experiences have fueled the development of and ideas behind GigoIt thus far. We believe that our site should be grown by the people who will be using it, and the users will heavily impact the direction and services GigoIt will provide.


We feel very strongly that our site should be grown by the people who will be using it. For this reason, we are asking for your input as we begin development with our site. Visit http://www.GigoIt.org and click the "Signup to be a part of GigoIt" link on the bottom of the page.


ALPHA TESTING: August 1st, 2006
BETA TESTING: October 1st, 2006
COMPLETION: January 1st, 2007